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pcgifViruses and Botnets

Has your Internet connection been disabled?

Viruses affect roughly 40% of all computers on the Internet, and cost American households more than $4 billion annually to repair damage, have viruses removed and for other adjunct costs. Though many viruses limit their damage to directly infected computers, botnets are a unique type of virus with more extended risks. 

A botnet is comprised of a large number of household computers that are infected with a virus that apparently does nothing until it has been remotely activated by its creator. Botnets often contain millions of computers across many different service providers and even countries.  They have been used successfully to shut down major global financial institutions and even extract ransoms. Because of their use as a weapon, the threat of botnet viruses is more serious for an Internet provider.  

We do not turn off Internet connections for computers infected with ordinary viruses. But when a subscriber is participating in a botnet—even though they are unaware—their Internet connection has been turned into a weapon used for mass fraud, cracking passwords and even financial terrorism.  

When we become aware of this situation, we turn off the subscribers' cable modems until they can get their computers cleaned.

Computers are typically infected when an antivirus program’s subscription is not renewed.   

We know it is more than merely inconvenient to have an Internet connection turned off without warning, and we apologize for the inconvenience this causes. But at the same time, allowing a botnet to run unchecked would quickly get BELD Broadband blacklisted, meaning none of our subscribers could have a full Internet experience.  


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