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Casting call! Seeking Braintree customers to star in campaign

casting call

BELD Internet is looking for some big Braintree personalities to get in the ring for our next marketing campaign!

You may be familiar with KO CABLE, our 2019 drive to help customers save money by cutting the cord from national cable providers. Featuring real Braintree residents and a fun boxing theme, the campaign was a knockout success.

Did you know you have FREE streaming TV options?

couple streamFind yourself always going to the on-demand section to watch pre-recorded movies and shows and not watching much live TV anymore? You might want to consider ditching the paid live TV streaming service and checking out some (or all) of the FREE streaming TV services. We put together a list of some of our favorite free services below.

Use space heaters with caution this winter

People often rely on electric space heaters to stay warm during the winter months. If used incorrectly, space heaters can pose serious risks.
Use space heaters only as a supplementary source of heat—they are not intended to replace your home’s heating system. They do provide heat quickly and run on electricity but they do come at a cost, you will notice a hike in your electric bills if you use one regularly to heat an area. If you are going to use one we recommend a thermostatically controlled unit or putting it on a separate timer and do not use one while you are out of the room.

Wi-Fi: improve your signal

wfsigOver the past few months, the Internet has been more of a lifeline than ever, streaming movies and live TV, connecting us to work, to our friends and to our families. Whether we are binge-watching the entire season of Yellowstone, working through Microsoft Meeting, the kids are “in class” via Google Meet or we’re using Zoom for a virtual happy hour—we have become accustomed to live streaming almost daily.

Sign up for BELD's online BillPay today

Our online payment system allows you to pay your BELD electric, internet and phone bills even faster, easier and more securely. As a registered account user, you’ll be able to see your payment history and past billing statements. You’ll even be able to view and pay multiple accounts at once, and sign up for paperless billing and/or auto-pay so your payments will be handled automatically going forward.

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