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Switching email providers, but not sure where to start?

So you're switching from your .BELD.net account to another email provider, but which one should you choose? There are many options out there, but we will list a few of the most popular free email service providers. 

  • Gmail 
    Easily the most popular email service today. several features including a great spam filter and a large amount of storage.
  • iCloud
    Designed primarily for use on Apple’s iOS & Mac operating systems, it will also work on other devices. 
  • Outlook.com
    This has replaced Hotmail.com and combines a few of Microsoft’s email services under a single brand.
  • Yahoo mail
    Has several options and many people still use this service, but it also seems to have the most advertisements of the bunch.

Before you choose another email provider ...

You are going to want to take a few steps to make sure the transition goes smoothly.

  1. Choose the service you feel is the best fit for you, then create a new email account with them.
  2. Send an email out to your friends and family from your new email account letting them know about your new address.
  3. Go to ALL the websites and services that use your current beld.net email address (bank accounts, social media accounts, streaming services, basically any accounts you need to log into that use your BELD.net address), and change them to your new email address.
  4. Then if you wish you can also set up an email forward from your beld.net account to your new email address.This will help you catch friends and accounts you might have missed in step 2 & 3. This is optional and you would need to contact our HELPDESK and ask them setup the email forward for you.
  5. This is another optional step if you don't already have all your emails saved on your computer and you need to keep them. You should set up your BELD.net email account on your computer and fetch (POP/download) the mail from our server to your computer so you will have all your mail that was on our server, saved on on your computer.