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NomoRobo ... Calls

BELD phone now works with Nomorobo to block robo calls to your home. It’s a FREE add-on that hangs up or blocks illegal robocallers or telemarketer calls to your BELD landline. Don’t worry; legitimate automated calls such as school closing notifications, doctors' office reminders, prescription pick up alerts and hurricane warnings are still allowed.

Nomorobo Explained from Nomorobo on Vimeo.

Here is a detailed step-by-step on how you can set up Nomorobo on your BELD phone service.

  1. Go to www.nomorobo.com, click Get Started Now.NomoRobo get started
  2. Choose Internet/Landline (you can add a smartphone later, but that's not covered with your BELD phone service, it's an extra fee you would pay direct to Nomorobo to add a cell phone number).NomoRobo get started
  3. Enter your home phone number and click "Check Availability" Nomorobo setup
  4. Select your provider—choose BELD Internet from the dropdown box and click "Check Availability"Nomorobo get started
  5. Enter your main email address (it doesn't have to be a BELD address) click "Start Blocking Calls Now!".Nomorobo Get started
  6. Nomorobo then sends you an email with a link you will have to click on bringing you to the Nomorobo website to enter your information again and continue with setup.
  7. Now to activate this feature you will need to login to your BELD Phone portal 
  • Click the Advanced Features tab on the left of the page
  • Locate Simultaneous Ring Personal feature
  • Click the Simultaneous Ring Personal link to open the feature page
  • Turn Simultaneous Ring Personal On
  • Enter the following number into one of the Phone Number boxes: 781.448.2010
  • Click Apply to save your settings for the first half or the process

The page will then reload and you may continue to the second half of the Simultaneous Ring Personal page that
creates the rules for triggering the feature and is required to make sequential ring active.

  • Enter “Nomorobo” into the Description text box
  • Select the Use Simultaneous ring personal option
  • Select Every Day, All Day option for the Time Schedule selection.
  • Select Any phone number option for the Calls From selection
  • Click Add to save rule settings

After you have completed those steps, go back to the Nomorobo website. Go to Your Phones and click the Test button next to your number. Then select I'm ready. Call me now to perform a test call.

  • You'll get a call to verify that the service is set up correctly. Wait until the third ring to pick up the phone.

Nomorobo will now screen incoming phone calls to your BELD Phone number and automatically hang up if a call is determined to be from a robocaller or telemarketer. Your phone will ring once, letting you know that the robocall has been stopped.

Disable Nomorobo

To disable Nomorobo, simply return to the Advanced Features tab in the BELD Phone portal and turn Simultaneous Ring Personal OFF