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Service interruption - utility pole damage

Due to those incredible winds last night at approx. 4:00AM this morning a very large tree fell and took down four utility poles. The areas effected: Ardmore St, Beechwood Rd, Edgemont Rd, Hillcrest Rd, Newton Ave, Quincy Ave, Sheppard Ave, Somerville Ave.

BELD crews are working on restoration and all other utilities have been notified.

The damage is extensive and cold weather conditions are a major concern for our crews and for our residents. We apologize for any inconvenience but customers impacted should know that we are working to clear the roads as soon as possible and restore all services as quickly as possible. residents should expect to be out or service for several hours during these repairs.

Remember NEVER TOUCH OR MOVE any downed wires they may be energized.

Stay safe & warm


Electric and Internet services were restored for all affected residents by 4:30 P.M. that day. Thank you for the hard work in horrible conditions by all involved.