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How do I set parental locks?

  1. Press Menu on the remote, then press OK/Select to go to the Main Menu
  2. Go to Setup, then press OK/Select.
  3. Go to Parental Control Setup, then press OK/Select.
  4. Create a Locks PIN and confirm the number. You will then see a screen that will allow you to press the OK/Select button to put a lock on a rating for a movie or TV show (such as TVMA or Movie R), or to put a lock on a channel.
  5. Use the arrow buttons on the remote to select each channel or rating you want to lock and press the OK/Select button on the remote control. 
  6. Press the Exit button on the remote to exit the menu. 

To remove the parental lock, enter the PIN number on the Parental Locks menu. If you forget your PIN, contact us to have it reset. All PINS will be cleared and once reset, you’ll need to enter a new PIN to activate the locks again.