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Online energy assessment; MyEnergyXpert

MyEnergyXpert is a quick online energy assessment (less than 10 minutes) that will help you understand and manage your energy consumption. Also get a free energy savings kit worth over $40 that will be mailed directly to your home.

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improve comfort


save energy


Why Get an Energy Assessment?

Improve Home Comfort and Value

Save Energy, Get Rebates

Your home is likely not as energy efficient as it can be, resulting in higher electricity and cooling costs. The MyEnergyXpert online assessment quickly identifies areas of your home where energy is being wasted. Improving your home's insulation, heating, and cooling systems will make it more comfortable. Thinking of selling your home? Studies have shown that for every $1 decrease in annual energy costs, the market value of a home could increase by $20. Thanks to BELD's rebate program, you can be rewarded for making certain energy efficiency improvements. MyEnergyXpert will generate a customized report that helps you target exactly the improvements that make the most sense for your home.

Complete MyEnergyXpert in 10 minutes or less and get a free energy kit delivered right to your door.

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