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How to Stream and Surf Faster Now

Lou saysFast, reliable Internet is a lifeline for Braintree folks of all ages. Whether you’re streaming must-watch TV, Zooming to work, learning online or gaming, you want to know—How can I speed up my Internet?

For advice, we asked Lou, a long-time BELD Internet technician. “Most slowdowns are caused by equipment issues. You should always look at your router before considering a faster, more expensive Internet plan,” he says.

Tip 1. Restart your modem and router.
Yes, a reboot sounds super simple but often does the trick. Unplug the power, wait one minute, reconnect the power, and then wait five minutes for your equipment to come back online.

Tip 2. Reduce the load.
Got a full house? If Mom is on a Zoom meeting while little sister is in Google Meet class, it might not be the best time for big brother to start an online video game. Set up a streaming schedule that works for everyone.

Still running slow? Then it’s time to look at your equipment.

Tip 3. Upgrade your modem/router.
If you bought your device years ago, it might not be up to today’s standards. Find the model number, look up the specs online and make sure your device can handle your Internet speed.

BELD devicesTip 4. Hardwire your equipment.
Is your router located behind the TV or below your computer? Plug it directly into your device with a Cat 6 Ethernet cable or better. Hardwired connections are always faster and more stable than wireless.

Tip 5. Get a WiFi extender.
If you have WiFi dead zones in the house, a WiFi extender might be just what you need to reach the back bedroom. Is your router stashed away in a closet or basement? Distance, walls and other obstructions can trip up the wireless signal. Lou recommends moving the router to a high, central, open location, away from other electronics.