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Intermittent Internet issue update

This past week, Braintree Public Schools (BPS) technology services experienced a Denial of Service (DoS) attack, which limited access to Internet service for the students, faculty, and staff. Because BELD Internet provides Internet services to all Braintree schools, the attack went through the BELD network, causing more Internet traffic than our network typically sees. This caused a huge “Internet” traffic jam, intermittently slowing down our Internet/phone services for some of our customers over the past few days.

These types of attacks do not generally lead to any breach of privacy or data, but they can be very problematic for everyone affected. BELD Internet, in partnership with Braintree Public Schools, has made efforts to mitigate the attack, and we are continuing to respond accordingly. Due to the serious implications of the incident, BPS has alerted local and federal agencies and will partner as needed to engage their support in responding to the attack and to those involved.

Intermittent Internet update

In the week to come, additional network disruptions may occur if the attacks continue.  BELD IT and the BPS Tech Services will continue to monitor all network activity. 

Thank you for your understanding and patience through this situation.  The schools, town and BELD value our partnership with each other and our ability to work together for the community.