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MassEVolves Participant Case Study

case study 21MassEVolves is a program that supports and publicly recognizes organizations who take specific steps to encourage greater electric vehicle (EV) adoption, consistent with statewide clean air goals. Participating companies pledge to take action on programs that include installing EV charging stations at the workplace, promoting zero emissions vehicles with employees and the public, and reviewing their own fleet of vehicles for opportunities to convert to electric or plug in hybrid vehicles.

Braintree Electric Light Department (BELD) EV Program Highlights:


MassEVolves Profile
Braintree Electric Light Department

BELD logoThe Braintree Electric Light Department's innovative "Braintree Drives Electric" program has been generating awareness and promoting the use of electric vehicles (EVs) to Braintree residents since 2016. The program provides Braintree residents with discounts based on their charging habits and for the installation of charging equipment at their home.

"We want to show residents the many benefits of owning or leasing an EV, including reduction to environmental impacts, affordability, and efficiency," says Ken Stone, Energy Services and Accounting Manager.

beld ev1After partnering with Sagewell and Energy New England to help promote the program, BELD currently has about 80 residents enrolled with approximately 100 EVs in the town of Braintree. As part of the program, BELD has hosted virtual EVents, including a Q&A and a local EV specialist roundtable.

Sagewell identifies new Braintree EV owners and contacts them to inform them about the Braintree Drives Electric program and uses smart charging program data to analyze residents' charging habits. Energy New England manages the Braintree Drives Electric website, processes all customer rebates, and provides outreach to customers and local car dealerships.

beld EV truckBELD currently owns and operates one Chevrolet Volt, two Volkswagen e-Golfs, and two hybrid bucket trucks, with a third hybrid bucket truck ordered and expected to arrive in 2021. BELD also owns and operates two dual head charging stations, which are free of charge for all electric vehicle users.