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The Good Neighbor Energy Fund and BELD

Donate MGENFThe Massachusetts Good Neighbor Energy Fund has provided energy assistance to hundreds-of-thousands of residents in temporary crisis who are struggling to pay their energy bills and do not qualify for federal or state energy funds.

GNEF girl"This Fund really helps the people who might otherwise not be served, mainly the underemployed of Massachusetts," says Mary Ellen Molloy, 2018-2019 GNEF Chairperson. "Without assistance from the GNEF, many households wouldn't be able to make a monthly utility payment." To determine if your household is income eligible, please go to Need Energy Assistance?

A cooperative effort between sponsoring Massachusetts energy companies and caring neighbors throughout the Commonwealth, the Good Neighbor Energy Fund has raised over $21.5 million and assisted more than 88,750 households with a month's energy expense since its inception in 1985.

The Salvation Army, which administers the Fund, pays the energy provider directly for households whose gross income is within 60 - 80 percent of the state’s median income levels. For example, a household size of 4 would need to have a total gross yearly income of between $68,289 and $91,052 to qualify. The easiest way to determine if a household qualifies is to visit the Fund’s website at www.magoodneighbor.org. This campaign year’s Fund disbursement is $250 per eligible household per heating season.

Massachusetts residents can apply to the Fund by visiting their local Salvation Army Corps Community Center. To find a nearby Center, please visit www.magoodneighbor.org. For more information about the Fund, please call (800) 334-3047 if you live in area codes 508, 617, 781 or 978 or (800) 262-1320 if you live in area code 413.

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