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1G is coming! 1G is coming!

We are excited to announce the launch of 1 gigabit per second (1 Gbps or 1 Gig) internet service. This new service will be 10 times faster than our popular 100 Mbps Internet, which means you can connect more devices, stream more shows and download more music—all faster than ever.

When it comes to Internet service, it’s not just about speed. The bandwidth to support your connected devices is just as important. 1 Gig service not only gives you faster download speeds, but it also provides a wider communication channel to support multiple devices streaming, browsing and gaming all at the same time. This is especially important given all the smart devices being used in homes today. Thermostats, smart appliances, speakers … these devices also need enough speed and bandwidth to function efficiently.

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When choosing the best Internet service to meet your needs, consider the number of devices that might be using it simultaneously. Laptops, mobile devices, smart TVs, gaming consoles, streaming boxes like Roku or Apple TV—plus the smart home devices mentioned above—all depend on reliable Internet service to keep them going. The more devices and people using them, the more speed and bandwidth you’ll need.

Just how fast is 1 Gig Internet? This chart shows the average download speeds for some of the most common activities, so you can see for yourself!

Our new 1Gig service will be available in the coming weeks, when pricing and other details will be announced. If you feel the need for more speed right now and just can’t wait that long, contact us at 781.348.BELD (2353) or visit beld.net/100new for info on our 100 Mbps service today. It’s just $39.95 for the first year for new customers.