Coast to coast solar eclipse, with special WTVE access!

Next Monday, August 21, 2017, the country will experience a solar eclipse, and in certain locations, those lucky people will see the eclipse in totality.  A coast to coast solar eclipse is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity - it's been 99 years since it happened!

Solar Eclipse 2017

This is an epic event on a national scale, and we want to ensure that you can participate in this amazing opportunity, so we are opening a The Weather Channel live stream on our WTVE platform.  Other networks will have clips and segments, but only The Weather Channel will have meteorologists across the country reporting live on this historic occasion, in-studio augmented reality features and viewing path forecasts. 

The Weather Channel has scheduled a full slate of programming surrounding the eclipse. Their “Total Solar Eclipse” broadcast will be viewable online to cable subscribers and will feature reporting from meteorologists positioned at different points along the path of totality, as well as one tracing the southeastern strip of the eclipse shadow and one reporting from the Royal Caribbean Total Eclipse Cruise, which is sailing from Port Canaveral, Florida, to optimal viewing locations in the Atlantic Ocean.

The Weather Channel is also planning to use augmented reality to explain the science behind the eclipse, using virtual space and solar systems to display real-time positioning. Coverage starts at 6am EDT and will include detailed weather forecasts for optimal viewing.

Have you registered your WTVE account yet? Its simple, only takes a few minutes and there is no better time than now—don't miss this historic event no matter where you are!