Winter storm Juno

Clearing satellite dishes during the height of the storm

Now that the storm is over, BELD line crews will be responding to isolated service issues as they arise. We dealt with just a handful of minor problems over the last few days--no doubt due to the light, fluffy consistency of the snow and the continual wind, which kept snow off tree limbs and power lines. We commend our customers for preparing for the predicted weather, and encourage you to continue to stay safe as the cleanup continues around town. Thank you!

Keep YOUR money in YOUR town

In Braintree you have several choices—it's up to you to make the right one. You can send your money to Philadelphia … to New York … or keep your money LOCAL.

Do you have children that go to school in Braintree? Do you own a house or business in Braintree? Your money will do a lot more good right here in your own town instead of with muti-billion dollar companies like Verizon and Comcast that are somewhere else. When you support Braintree Electric Light Department with your business, your money stays in town working for you.