Configure your email account

emailThere are two ways you can send and receive messages: Web-based BELD email (webmail) or an email program. 

Important: If you access your BELD email via the Webmail, your messages are stored on the BELD mail server. Messages are not stored indefinitely there is a maximum space allotment of 1GB per email account. If you exceed your allotted space new incoming emails will bounce back to the sender and not be received by the BELD user.

You also have the option to download your messages to your computer using an application like Outlook Express. These email messages would be stored indefinitely.

Email Programs (POP)
You may also access your email using an email program (also called an email or POP client). When you use an email program, your messages will typically reside on your computer's hard drive rather than on BELD's servers. This way, your email can be stored indefinitely. 

Select your email program of choice and click on a link below for set-up instructions: 
Windows 8
Windows Mail (Vista)
Outlook Express

Mac Mail (OS X)

iPad, iPhone or iPod touch
iPad, iPhone or iPod touch

BELD Webmail
BELD Webmail makes using email extremely easy to use, from anywhere with an internet connection

Mail server settings
Username: Your BELD email address without the
Password: Your BELD email password (should be with your installation booklet)
BELD Server settings:
If your email address uses
POP3 (Incoming)
Port: 110
SMTP (Outgoing)
Port: 465