Advertise on BELD Broadband Cable TV

sat_antTelevision advertising is an affordable and effective way to promote your business. In recent years, cable networks—such as ESPN, CNN and Lifetime—have enjoyed a sharp increase in audience growth over broadcast networks like ABC, CBS, and NBC. As more people tune in to the cable network channels, the opportunities for reaching local customers increase. And more people watching cable TV networks could mean more customers for you!

In 2007 BELD Broadband partnered with Prime Media to build upon its cable advertising offering to local businesses. Prime Media specializes in customizing advertising campaigns to the specific needs of each individual client. With targeted network sponsorships such as Major League Baseball, National Football League, NASCAR and even breast cancer awareness on Lifetime, Prime Media can design a commercial and advertising campaign to meet your marketing requirements within your budget. For as little as $300 a month you can run a commercial promoting your business on up to 12 highly rated cable networks: CNN, ESPN, Fox News, HGTV, Lifetime, NESN, TNT and USA, as well as high-definition networks ESPN HD, ESPN2 HD, NESN HD and USA HD.

BELD Broadband’s cable advertisers are seeing results. We recently had the opportunity to speak with Dr. Gene MacDonald of C.E. Optical, 820 Washington Street in Braintree. Here’s what he had to say: “C.E. Optical’s affiliation with Prime Media has been a wonderful experience. Our current promotion has resulted in positive feedback from established clients and has provided a comfortable familiarity for the resulting new clients to our practice.”

If you are interested in advertising with BELD Broadband please contact Gail Pearson via email or call 781.929.9459.